Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Between Terms 1 & 2...

I decided to fix the timing stuff. I love this stuff.

So I am between terms at Animation Mentor and I am kind of lost without a project to work on every week so I decided to try one of the animations I didn't get to try in my class. This is an assignment from Week 7. We had the option to do this one with Tailor or try a jump with One-Leg. I chose the latter because my mentor made a great point. He said he's animated tons of characters with legs and only 2 or 3 with tails... and the tails were usually animated with a coded sequence.

So to alleviate a bit of boredom this week I decided to work on some animation. The spacing and timing need work but I was just trying to get the Overlaping Action on the tail working in this little sketch. I might take it into Maya later this week. I never thought I'd be one of those nerds who actually misses school during a break! Just kidding.

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