Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Old Short

I'm posting this relic in response to my friend Derek sharing some of his old, pre-Animation Mentor work with me.

In my defense, it was done in the last weeks of my very first, very generalized, 16 week, junior college animation class.  We each individually had to create a short, approximately 20 to 30 seconds in length, including modeling, rigging, staging, lighting, textures, the works.  It was our final for the class.

A couple of weeks before we were to start the production we had our first rigging assignment, and it took A LOT longer than any of us, or the teacher had anticipated.  From there he decided that we could use free online rigs for the project, if we wanted to.  Of course, he would have preferred that we made our own, if we thought we could handle it.  I knew from the disaster of the first rigging project that I wasn't interested in rigging, so I jumped right on those free online rigs, as did most of us in the class.

As for the story, I had actually started this as a little comic strip I was laying out a couple weeks prior to the assignment, so I thought it was a perfect fit for the project.  I believe we had, from start to finish, about 6 or 7 weeks to complete the whole project.  It was crazy!  I didn't know if that was a short amount of time for something like this, but it sure felt like it.  In the end, I was one of 4 students to actually complete the assignment, and the teacher told us, out loud, to everyone in the class, that mine was the only one with a coherent story, which I'm sure, didn't make the other 3 feel too great.  (It was, really, but we were all so new to animation, and this was a huge undertaking, considering we had never once talked about story, acting, or anything of the sort.  And this was just one, 16 week, generalist type of class, not an entire animation program or anything. Plus I didn't rig anything. I just felt kinda bad when he said it like that.)

All in all, I learned that I had a lot to learn.  I would like to try my hand at another short-form story.  A bit longer, obviously, but also a bit more time to learn the stuff more in depth.  I would definitely like to learn more about story, and composition, modeling, and maybe even rigging... maybe.