Sunday, September 16, 2012

Construction, Learning & Fighting Laziness

Quick loose sketches
I've been trying to get back on the horse of animating lately. I got super lazy after my wedding, honeymoon, and other big life things, so I've scheduled myself 2-3 hrs a night after work to sit down and animate, plus more time on weekends, and I'm working on a new dialogue shot. It worked pretty well months ago when I tried it. This time though, I want to incorporate some drawing as well. Drawing well is pretty important to me and I just don't do it enough in CG animation even though it's one of the 12 founding principals. I'll still be animating mostly in Maya for the foreseeable future, but I believe good drawings are essential for good animation.

EWJ study with some correction notes

I'm studying construction drawing, on the advice of John K, which I've never really practiced seriously. I've done a little out of the Preston Blair book but then I remembered I had this construction sheet of one of my favorite cartoon characters; Earthworm Jim! I'll keep studying out of both the Preston Blair book and other model sheets I can find.

I got these refs from Mike Deitz' blog He's one of the original animators on the game and there's a ton of original stuff there.

You can see how far off my drawing is

Quick sketch on toned paper